The links to the Enya world in English

Here are some links to English pages on Enya.

Boadicea commenting the Enya poetry, Angeles attracting everything on her, Tony showing her deep understanding of the origins of Enya are some of the greatest. Discover by yourself this big bunch of Enya admirers!

Links to Enya pages in English

Here are some links in English about Enya. If others exist please tell me!

The official, the visual and the auditive

Reprise Records (Reprendiskoj): Short and official.
Each time you select a song you'll be shown exactly 10 pictures.: If you wish to see Enya moving around
And in the dark MIDI sounds better: If you wish to hear Enya.

The MIDI space

Enya MIDI Archive: With explanations in 11 languages
Midnight's Enya MIDI Madness : MIDIs well arranged
Larry Cloud's Enya MIDI Page: Almost all the MIDIs of Enya are here

The Masters

The Enya Website: Very well shaped.
Welcome to Boadicea's Enya Homepage: Marvelous.

Texts and Translations

Translations and lyrics for selected Enya songs: Very helpfull to be able to understand the songs in many languages of Enya
The Enya Homepage: With the texts of her creations
Translations and Lyrics


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What do the Irish dedications in the various album liner notes mean? attracts a team of dedicated electronic musicians.: If you would like to buy some Enya stuff.
Enya MIDI Files - filesize, playing time (where appropriate)
KSCA 101.9 FM Interview With Enya
Keven Black's Enya Page: Choice of the best Enya pages
Elusive Enya's music inspired by faith: From CNN Correspondent Gloria Hillard

Personal HomePages

Robert's page for Enya: British page
ENYA@WOLFSBANE:RESURRECTION: Very passionate admirer of Enya
Tony's Enya Page A page with beautiful pictures
Samourai, Dentifris & Chan's home page : A Quebecker presents Enya.
Welcome to the realm of the PhOeNiX: Enya's music is best described as an original blend of atmospheric, new age, and traditional pieces with strong Celtic influences.
Enya Unofficial Home Page: Peter Pehrson does a good work here!
Patrick Wardmark's Enya page: High quality page
THE DESKTOP THEME: Another page by Patrick Wardmark
My Enya Page: With courses to learn the Irish language.
The Enya Homepage: I know that if I have heaven there is nothing to desire. Rain and river, a world of wonder may be paradise to me.
Swade's Enya Page: . . . the most phenomenal musical genius this planet has ever known!
The page about Enya: Her music fits into the unclassifiable category best described as 'um'- not silly enough to be New Age, too classy to be pop, and too emotionally involving to be easy listening.
Ashley Pomeroy's long, long essay on...Enya (1961 - ) : Publicity-shy and reclusive, Enya has sold over twenty million records, split between her four most popular releases.
Lorah's Links: Lorah Rai - Love on Line
Clannad and Enya gallery: Sisters in Music
Simon Chung's Enya page
My Enya Page...: In Australia, currently the "Humane Society" use Enya's "How can I keep from singing?"
Southern Viking's Enya Midi Page: With MIDIs
Clyde's Enya Page: Enya won the Grammy!
Lorah Rai's Tribute to Enya: Pretty central Enya page
Welcome!: From there a Enya page is reachable
Enya- The Voice of Heaven
Marble Halls: I've been collecting enya's pictures. My new project next year is to make a fabulous enya site, specially for her images.
My Enya Web Page: This is a fan material site dedicated to Enya. Also periodicaly updated with basic info about artists similar to Enya.
Wyrm Puff's Enya Tribute: Her Irish name, Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, translates to Eithne Brennan in English.
Enya (by Brian Flint): Enya's music can mesmorize you, bring you to another world, or plainly amaze you.

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